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The trading engine for Web3 and DeFi

Polkadex is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate.

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Polkadex Interface

Polkadex Orderbook

Polkadex Orderbook is a non-custodial Layer 2 based exchange on the Polkadex Network.

Table, Smartphone and Desktop Icon, simulating multiple devices

Register multiple hot wallets

Connect hot wallets based on browser extensions, mobile phones or iPads and add on-chain trading bots to automate trading with your funds.

Cloud with points Icon simulating third party

Delegate your assets to third parties

Manage your assets with Polkadex Orderbook and delegate them to third parties. Make profits through algorithmic trading while still keeping control of your crypto assets.

Coins and secure icon, simulating assets security

Keep your assets safe and secure

Leave your assets on the exchange without worrying about hacks and save on transaction fees for moving your funds in and out every time you want to trade.


Isometric Illustration with Polkadex, Kilt, IFPS, Polkadot.js and SGX Logos
SoonMisterious Polkadex IDO Platform screenshot
2021 Q3-Q4
Polkadex IDO Platform

Polkadex IDO Platform allows token projects to create ERC-20 like tokens. Teams can raise funds and get listed on the Polkadex exchange in one click.

SoonMisterious Polkadex IDO Platform screenshot
2021 Q3-Q4
Polkadex Mobile

Polkadex Mobile allows traders to place modify and cancel trades from their air-gapped cold wallets as well as receive funds directly to it. It shows a paradigm shift in traditional trading.


The Future of Decentralized Trading

Polkadex is the first project featuring an orderbook based exchange in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Transfers

Trustless cross-chain bridges help to bring any blockchain token to Polkadex in a non-custodial and trustless manner. It functions through Parachain with Polkadot network and Snowfork with Ethereum network. Polkadex is built for the future making it possible to integrate with other liquidity providers using forkless upgrades. We do not have access to user funds or smart contract keys.

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Planned Bridges
Polkadot Logo icon

Once Polkadex becomes a parachain, it will be able to connect to any other parachain and Polkadot network itself to share assets in a trustless way. Polkadex will also get the ability to bring assets from Ethereum to Polkadex.

Bridge with Ethereum and Tether coins that represent cars and in the middle Polkadex System that represents the transformation of Ethereum into Tether currency
3 Robots trading with Polkadex Api, represented by components

On-Chain Trading Bots

Trading bots on Polkadex bring High-Frequency Trading (HFT) to both retail and institutional investors. Zero cancellation fees allow traders to enter and exit the markets in a dynamic fashion based on the market situation and incentivize API endpoints for both trading bot companies and liquidity providers. Moreover the unique architecture of Polkadex eliminates such bottlenecks of traditional decentralized exchanges as front-running of orders by paying higher gas fees. decentralized exchanges.

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State Commits V2

Polkadex Orderbook implements a Layer 2 Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on top of Polkadex that allows an operator to maintain the Orderbook. The results produced by the TEE contain cryptographic proof. In the event of tampering the blockchain can invalidate the proof thereby not accepting the tampered state submitted by the Operator. The users' funds always stay in the native blockchain and are controlled by the user. In this way Polkadex ensures that only the trader's private key can initiate a balance transfer.

A man sitting in front of a computer has two options, one to connect his wallet, which uses the IFPS system, the second is to carry out transactions with TEE, TEE and IFPS communicate with each other, TEE communicates with Orderboo engine, thus forming the workflow by Fluid Switch Protocol V2

Unmatched performance

Polkadex scales to 500K transactions per second and sub-millisecond latency. The latest leaps in technological development enable Polkadex to keep the advantages of centralized exchanges and at the same time support High-Frequency Trading maintaining the highest level of security of user funds.

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Chart comparing Polkadex TPS(Transactions Per Seconds), BTC: ~ 7 TPS,  Paypal: ~20 TPS,  Paypal: ~193 TPS,  Polkadex: ~300 TPS, ,  Polkadex Goal: ~20000 TPS and  Visa: ~24000 TPS
More Features
Block speed icon High-Frequency Trading

Polkadex can connect to all the favourite trading bots of the community seamlessly enabling users to implement multiple trading strategies.

Block speed icon Polkadex IDO pallet

Polkadex IDO pallet allows token projects to create ERC-20 like tokens with built-in support for parachain transfers and one-click listing in the Polkadex Orderbook. It also helps teams to raise funds through IDOs in a decentralized manner.

Block speed icon Polkadex Fiat

Polkadex supports fiat currencies in the Polkadex Orderbook. Traders can easily use a credit card to buy crypto.

Block speed icon Decentralized KYC Option

At Polkadex we believe that traders deserve privacy. Hence we have decentralized the KYC process for our users offering to store their data on wallets instead of our platform.

Block speed icon Polkadex NFTs

Polkadex NFTs will gamify our trading ecosystem and make it more fun for users. We aim to provide this functionality shortly after the Mainnet launch.

Block speed icon New Token Generation

Tokens generated in Polkadex have native support for cross-chain transfers to other parachains and networks connected to our ecosystem. Thus we eliminate the need to conduct expensive audits and delays in new token releases for the project teams.

Block speed icon High liquidity

Polkadex enables institutional liquidity on the platform with the help of a decentralized KYC system.

Block speed icon Forkless Upgrade

Polkadex upgrades for new features bridges to new blockchains bug fixes and performance improvements do not require hard forks.

Supported & Funded by

Strategic Investors

The early backers who supported and funded Polkadex helping us reach our goals and aim even higher

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Part of our team of 20+ motivated members

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Executive Director

Vivek Prasannan

Vivek Prasannan icon
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Chief Executive Officer

Gautham J

Gautham J iconGautham J icon
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Chief Operating Officer

Deepansh Singh

Deepansh Singh icon
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Chief Marketing Officer

Kseniia Baziian

Kseniia Baziian icon
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Cryptoeconomic Advisor

Matthias Hafner

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Strategic Advisor

Jasper Byun

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Strategic Advisor

Sherwin Lee

Sherwin Lee icon
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Legal Counsel

Zhi Hao Loy

Zhi Hao Loy icon
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Marketing Advisor

Garlam (가람) Won

Garlam (가람) Won icon
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Lead Community Manager

Francis Dufour

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Senior Rust Engineer

Mambisi Zempare

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Senior Rust Engineer

Frank Li

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Senior Rust Engineer

Gabriel Facco de Arruda

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Social Media Manager

Pablo Solanas Martin

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Polkadex Journey

We started our journey with the idea of bringing the best DeFi experience to users and keep moving closer to our goal with each step

Q3 2020

selected icon

Web3 Milestone #1

selected icon

Refactoring Polkadex Engine

selected icon

Code Documentation

Q4 2020

selected icon

Website Launch

selected icon

Whitepaper Release

selected icon

Testnet V1.0 Launch

selected icon

SAFT based Token PreSale

Q1-Q2 2021

April 2021selected icon

Public Sale

February 2021selected icon

Testnet V2.0 Launch

June 2021

Testnet V3.0 Launch

July 2021

Security Audit

Q3-Q4 2021

Parachain Development

Polkadot Crowdfunding

Parachain Auction

September 2021

Mainnet Launch

Q1-Q3 2022



Pebble Consensus Upgrade

Token Economics

Distribution of Tokens

Founders and team

20% initial unlocked 12 months after the Mainnet launch and remaining vested quarterly

1,800,000 tokens
Seed round

20% initial and remaining vested quarterly

1,400,000 tokens
Strategic round

25% initial and remaining vested quarterly

1,600,000 tokens
Private round

30% initial and remaining vested quarterly

2,038,600 tokens

Exchange Listings and Governance (locked in Treasury)

8,200,000 tokens
Parachain auction
2,000,000 tokens

10% initial release 6 months after the Mainnet launch and remaining vested quarterly

1,200,000 tokens
Marketing, Ecosystem and Partnerships

20% initial and remaining vested quarterly

1,361,400 tokens
Community Round

No vesting

400,000 tokens
Polkadex Icon Description
Total Supply

20,000,000 PDEX

Initial Circulating Supply

1,963,860 PDEX

(9.8193% of total supply)

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