The trading engine for web3 and Defi

A fully decentralized, peer-peer, orderbook based cryptocurrency exchange for the Defi ecosystem in Substrate.

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Fluid Switch


An order matching protocol that switches between AMM and orderbook which ensures that liquidity flows seamlessly for traders and market makers, providing guaranteed trades. Uniquely programmed AMM algorithm ensures the orderbook is fully supported, thereby avoiding price slippage and impermanent loss, a common problem found in AMM based DEXes.

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On-Chain Trading


Polkadex enables HFT through trading bots for both retail and institutional investors. Zero cancellation fees optimized through unique architecture allow dynamic entry and exit based on the market situation, incentivized API endpoints for both trading bot companies and liquidity providers and eliminate front-running of orders by paying high gas fees, a problem that plagues traditional decentralized exchanges.

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Trustless Ethereum


Trustless cross-chain bridges, with Polkadot through Parachain and Ethereum through Snowfork, help bring any blockchain token to Polkadex in a non-custodial and trustless manner. Polkadex is built for the future, making it possible to integrate with other liquidity providers using forkless upgrades. We do not touch customer funds or your smart contract keys.

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The current testnet transaction throughput of 300 TPS, more than enough to support the current crypto exchange landscape and will continue to improve this speed to 20,000 TPS using our R&D on inhouse consensus algorithm code named Pebble. This upgrade will be part of the Roadmap planned in 2021-22.

Mission & Vision of

“Our mission is to build the perfect decentralized exchange.”

“We envision a world of financial inclusion, creating bridges that transfer value from traditional money markets to a decentralized store of value and trust,
thereby preparing the world for a tokenized future.”

Supported & Funded by

Polkadex Team

Vivek Prasannan

Executive Director

Gautham J

Chief Executive Officer

Deepansh Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Kseniia Baziian

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthias Hafner

Cryptoeconomic Advisor

Jasper Byun

Strategic Advisor

Zhi Hao Loy

Legal Counsel

Garlam (가람) Won

Marketing Advisor


Q3 2020


  • Web3 Milestone #1
  • Refactoring Polkadex Engine
  • Code Documentation

Q4 2020


  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Testnet Launch
  • SAFT based Token PreSale

Q1-Q2 2021


  • Security Audit Date: June 2021
  • Public Sale Date: April 2021
  • Mainnet Launch

Q3-Q4 2021


  • Parachain Development
  • Polkadot Crowdfunding
  • Parachain Auction

Q1-Q3 2022

Scale Up

  • Margin/Lending
  • Futures/Options
  • Pebble Consensus Upgrade

Token economics

Total Supply
20,000,000 tokens
Initial Circulating Supply
1,963,860 (9.8193% of total supply)

Distribution of tokens

1,800,000 tokens
Founders and team

20% initial unlocked after 12 months of mainnet launch, and remaining vested quarterly

1,400,000 tokens Price: $0.5
Seed round

20% initial , and remaining vested quarterly

1,600,000 tokens Price: $0.75
Strategic round

25% initial , and remaining vested quarterly

2,038,600 tokens Price: $1
Private round

30% initial , and remaining vested quarterly

8,200,000 tokens

Exchange Listing, Governance (locked in Treasury)

2,000,000 tokens
Liquidity Mining

For one year

1,200,000 tokens

10% initial release after 6 months of mainet launch , and remaining vested quaterly

1,361,400 tokens
Marketing, Ecosystem and Partnerships

20% initial , and remaining vested quaterly

400,000 tokens
Community Round

No vesting

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